We (CreateAMind) is a smart intellectual technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., established in May 2017. We are committed to Universal Artificial Intelligence (AGI) and smarter unmanned R&D, making China’s DeepMind.

Our goal is to combine deep reinforcement learning methods with unsupervised generation models, planning and imagination, migration learning, meta-learning, etc., based on cognitive science, to enhance the intelligence of AI. We use the latest deep learning techniques, generative modelling techniques, etc. to improve the level of intelligence in autonomous driving.

We do not need high-precision maps, but aim to improve the machine’s own intelligence and migration capabilities, and integrate multi-sensory information to enhance the model’s meta-learning ability and migration ability. We believe that this is the fundamental way to solve the problem that current autonomous driving can’t cope with special situations.

Of course, this road is also very difficult, you need to be interested in the determination and ability.